Pieces of Me by Camille Bloom


camillebloom pieceofme

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as the discovery of an artist whose yet to achieve wider recognition, but whose talents obviously stake a claim to gain greater appreciation. If Pieces of Me is any indication, then it’s just a matter of time before Camille Bloom comes to the attention of the larger audience she so clearly deserves. Bloom’s voice is a sweet, honey-dappled instrument of sunny expression, one that sometimes soars and then, when need be, retreats into the shadows while providing allure through its subtlety and sheen. Five songs long, Pieces of Me would seem an ideal primer for those unawares, and given the diversity of the material -- which ranges from an angelic ballad like “Lift Me Up” to the perky and playful “Pieces of Me” and “Hit the Road” -- it would seem she’s already adept at creating a crowd pleasing palette. The unassuming “Turn Back To You” further affirms that contention, and it’s hard to imagine anyone listening to this utterly charming set of songs without being completely and utterly swayed and seduced. This is one of those records where a first listen is all it takes. Camille Bloom is a star in waiting and clearly her time has come. A sweeter set of serenades would be hard to imagine.